James Stewart and Troy Lee collaborate: Seven

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It’s the new line of riding gear, called “Seven”. It’s a collaboration between James Stewart and Troy Lee.

Tonight’s unveiling took place at the Troy Lee retail location in Laguna Beach, California.

James Stewart and Troy Lee

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James said his goal was to have something simple, clean, but powerful, and can be worn by anyone. The new product line will be available this coming September.

James with his brother Malcolm, and the new gear in the background

James also said another goal was to help amateur riders – his brand “Seven” will be sponsoring a few amateur riders during this upcoming 2013 season. James said he chose these particular kids because they are driven, family oriented, and good in school. James also said he thinks this year could be something very special in supercross.

A video showcasing the event will be online tomorrow.

Stewart riding with his new Troy Lee 'Seven' brand

James riding with the new “Seven” and Troy Lee gear brand


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