Most Comfortable Off-Road Vehicles

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When you’re doing a lot of serious off-roading, you need to start considering just comfortable your car will be after a few hours trekking through rough terrain. No matter how tough the trail is, having a vehicle that can handle everything while keeping you and your family safe and comfortable is absolutely essential. Here are a few of the most comfortable off-road vehicles on the market at the moment.

Toyota Landcruiser
car sales in NSWThe Landcruiser has become the undisputed workhorse of Australia, with government and large private companies using them as vehicle of choice for the often arduous off-road and rough terrain work. On the other hand, the Landcruiser is a fantastic family car, and offers premium space and comfort for all the passengers. You can choose to use it as a 7 seat people mover, or fold away the rear rows and pack as much gear as you need for your 4WD adventure. The Landcruiser is tough, versatile, and thanks to great suspension, provides a comfortable ride on road or in the rough stuff. After spending a day hitting the trails, it’s easy to see why so many Australians choose Landcruiser for their off-road escapades.

Nissan Patrol
used cars sydneyOne of the greatest Australian car rivalries has to be between the Landcruiser and the Patrol. Both offer similar packages in terms of performance, but where Toyota has focussed on perfecting their enviable off-roading prowess, Nissan figured out early on how to focus on comfort. The Patrol dropped leaf springs in favour of coils for a better ride suspension, and the interior attention to details ensures a comfortable ride for both driver and passengers. It’s a tough choice between the Landcruiser and the Patrol, with both offering a great package for the price.

Jeep Wrangler
car sales in NSWJeep have a saying about their Wrangler, and it’s that “part of being able to go anywhere confidently, is being able to go comfortably”. It’s easy to see why they can make such a big statement once you sit in one of the new Wranglers. The interior is filled with premium soft-touch materials, and it has greatly cut down on the noise and vibration of some previous models. With automatic temperature control, power windows, leather-trimmed seats and a new five-speed automatic transmission, the Wrangler definitely knows how to deliver luxury comfort while off-roading.

However don’t be fooled into thinking that Jeep have sacrificed all utilitarian features on the new Wrangler, the interior is equipped with drain plugs to allow you to wash it out when things start to get dirty, and all doors are still removable. If you don’t mind a higher purchase price, the Wrangler offers an unbeatable level of comfort while still maintaining its capability over tough terrain.

When you’re choosing your next off-road vehicle, remember to consider comfort for both yourself and your passengers. Pay attention to interior quality and design, and consider the suspension set up as well. These three models are leaders in the field of comfortable vehicles to spend the entire day driving off-road, no matter how challenging the tracks may get.

About the author:Written by Kobe Brooke
Kobe is a motor enthusiast who also works in car sales in NSW, Australia. He also organizes regular driver meet-up in his local area.

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